Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin, OHPE Bulletin 366, Volume 2004, No. 366


The deadline for the RFP: Process and Outcome Evaluation and Collection of Costing Data, Under 12 Outreach Program, Banyan Community Services, is July 5 not June 14 as originally noted. To view the corrected posting, please see http://www.ohpe.ca/ebulletin/Job.cfm?ID=1281&ROWNUMBER=11&Sort=JobPostings&TIME=CURRENT.

In this week's job postings we have one that's very important to the OHPE! Alison Stirling, one of the founding and current OHPE team members, is going on educational leave. If your interested in working on the OHPE check out the health promotion consultant posting below.

Also this week is a brief update to our election resources and our semi-regular Comings and Goings round up.

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