Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin, 27 November 2009 - OHPE Bulletin 640, Volume 2009, No. 640

View this issue online: http://www.ohpe.ca/epublish/1/v2009n640.

As mentioned last week, for the December 11 issue ---our last one this year -- we will be running a year in review and a looking forward piece. We invite you to contribute your thoughts on the following: 1. What were the most significant developments over the past year in health promotion / public health in Ontario across the country or internationally? and 2. What implications will these developments have over the next year?

We will be accepting contributions until December 1; just email us at [email protected]!

This week, we have a feature article from Kevin H. Johnson, "Performance Management of Volunteers In the Nonprofit Sector," that summarizes a study examining the effect of high performance work practices on the performance of volunteers in nonprofit organizations.

We always welcome your feedback on our feature articles--including topics you'd like to see--news about old colleagues and new colleagues, and comments on our newsletter and searchable database of health promotion information. Read our complete submission guidelines at http://www.ohpe.ca/submission-guide and write to [email protected]
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