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Proposal Writing Workshop Hosted by OANHSS and OCSA

True Davidson Acres

Keeping abreast of current funding opportunities and developing the necessary training and experience to successfully submit applications is a challenge to many organizations, both large and small.

Finding funds that will enhance your organization's ability to progress and serve its community is critical to your operations.  Governments can be an excellent source of funding if approached properly.

This informative workshop will address topics such as funding opportunities, partnerships and coalitions, key proposal components, the do's and don'ts of effective proposal writing and how to create an organizational culture that encourages a team approach to proposal development.

With the wide range of funding opportunities that can be potentially accessed by both OANHSS and OCSA member organizations, knowing is half the battle. From dealing with eligibility issues and writing applications to obtaining government support and arguing your case, this workshop will cover everything you need to know about government funding acquisition and management.

Participants will

  • Understand the basics steps and components in writing funding proposals.
  • Learn strategies for finding the right funding sources.
  • Understand the importance of following up on an application and what do if your application is denied.
  • Learn the importance of partnerships.
  • Leave with resource listing of funding organizations.

Facilitators:   Serge Buy, CEO, Flagship Solutions, and Monty Laskin, Executive Director, Caledon Community Services

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