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I International Congress on Family, School and Society--Special Education.

This congress is the result of interests and efforts between Fernando Pessoa University-- which possesses in its three faculties the means and the knowledge from Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychomotor rehabilitation, among others--and the SPZN--Teachers' Union from the North of Portugal--which gathers teachers specialized in Special Education.

The Congress aims at being an opportunity to present works (previously done and some on progress) by national and international investigators. At the same time it will be a space of reflection for those who are related to teaching and more specifically those related to Special Education.

The themes--transversal to the actual legislation recently reviewed in Portugal--are widened to the Multicultural and Inclusive School, to the demands and to the specificities of the Special Education and in a holistic and systemic way to the problems around the relationships between the school and the primary and secondary social relations.

The I International Congress on Family, School and Society, subordinated to Special Education is looking forward to gathering contributes from the inside and the outside of the university as far as the Inclusive School is concerned and aims at consolidating the know how and the integration practice of children with special needs in the regular educational system.

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