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Senior Clinical Public Health Epidemiologist, Ontario Agency for Health Protection & Promotion

Senior Clinical Public Health Epidemiologist

Organization Summary

The Ontario Agency for Health Protection & Promotion (OAHPP) is a centre for specialized research and knowledge in public health, focusing in the areas of infectious disease, infection control and prevention, health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention, and environmental health.  It provides technical and scientific assistance, rapid on-site field support, as needed, specialized communication and training, as well as standards input and practical tools for implementing best practices.

The Agency was created by the Ontario Government as a result of its commitment to Operation Health Protection, through the Health System Improvements Act (Bill 171).  As Ontario's first ever provincial Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, the Agency brings academic, clinical, and government experts together to create a centre of public health excellence in the province.

Position Summary

The Senior Public Health Epidemiologist, reporting to the Director of Surveillance and Epidemiology, supports the Agency in three principal areas: advice and leadership in epidemiology and surveillance, developing the Agency-wide service capacity in epidemiology and surveillance (including outbreak detection/response), and advancing the Agency's epidemiology and surveillance decision support, information management and knowledge exchange functions.  

The Senior Public Health Epidemiologist is a critical hinge between the Agency and key stakeholders, such as other public-health facilities, academic institutions, and regulatory groups.  The Senior Epidemiologist coordinates the deployment of epidemiology team members and resources throughout the Agency as a means of advancing and maintaining Agency-wide excellence in surveillance, research methodology, outbreak detection/response, prevention-program design, evaluation activities, and knowledge-management.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Expert knowledge and experience of managing outbreaks and other incidents of public health significance, particularly involving foodborne outbreaks, food inspection and safety, gastrointestinal and zoonotic diseases.
  • Expert knowledge and experience of communicable disease surveillance, data analysis, advanced statistics, and public health, including methods of trend analysis, forecasting and alert detection.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistics applications and programs, such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, is critical.
  • Expert skills in configuring and using a relevant epidemiological surveillance system, such as iPHIS (Integrated Public Health Information System) to extract relevant data for reports, to enable evidence-based decision making, and to guide policy development and research.
  • Advanced management skills to execute a resource-deployment model that optimizes the Agency's understanding and use of epidemiology and surveillance.

Education & Experience

  • Experience supporting the Surveillance and Epidemiology function of a public health facility, preferably in a large, high-reliability organization.
  • Graduate-level completion of advanced studies in Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, or other relevant field is required.
  • Clinical qualifications in nursing, medicine, or veterinary medicine, or completion of doctoral studies in Epidemiology required.
  • Consistent record of public health orientated research and article publication in a peer-reviewed journal is preferred.
  • Experience managing a team of epidemiologists, public health clinicians, or other health-services staff.

E-mail your resume referencing SCE-PH-01 to by Friday, November 28, 2008. For detailed information about the Agency visit our website at