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National Coordinator, People's Food Policy Project


Food Secure Canada, along with other partnering organizations, is launching the People's Food Policy Project. This initiative is rooted in the People's Food Commission (PFC), a grassroots project that toured the country 30 years ago, hearing testimonies about how the food system was affecting ordinary Canadians. The Commission held hearings in 75 communities from Labrador to the BC Coast. The PFC final report, The Land of Milk and Money, predicted many of the negative trends that have now come to pass, and identified the need for a change in the direction of food policy in Canada. Unfortunately, this change has not materialized.

The People's Food Policy Project takes off where the Commission ended. Its goal is to build the capacity of the Canadian food movement to reclaim and transform the food system through the development of policies grounded in the principles of food sovereignty. It will begin by bringing together local leaders, called 'animators', who will work in their regions towards this goal, followed by broader community engagement.

The result will be a new Canadian food policy developed by the grassroots across the country, and greatly strengthened community leadership able to engage and influence policy makers at every level in support of this new food policy.

Term of Employment:       
January 1 - June 30, 2009
5 days/week (35 hours per week)
Contract: $20,000 + $2,500 benefits

July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
3.5 days/week
Contract: $28,500 + $4,000 benefits

July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
2.5 days/week
Contract: $20,000 + $2,500 benefits

The hours of work are flexible, based on the needs of the project, and may be expanded if funds become available.

It is agreed that hours will include work during evenings and weekends.   


In or near Ottawa, in southeastern Ontario or western Quebec. The position will require some domestic travel (Eastern Canada, Central, and Western Canada - including North).


This position will be supervised by an Executive of the Coordinating Committee, which will include one representative from Food Secure Canada, and a minimum of two other members. This position will also report into the broader Coordinating Committee via teleconference meetings.


Under the supervision and guidance of the PFPP Coordinating Committee, the National Coordinator will:

  • Work with 20 animators across the country and support these animators to build capacity in their regions on policy development, public mobilization
  • Coordinate the National Food Policy development process (ensuring proper input from participants, facilitating dialogue, organizing a national policy retreat)
  • Facilitate better linkages and communication among food system stakeholders, including those most marginalized, and organizations across the country for greater coordination around policy formulation, advocacy, and public mobilization
  • Provide ongoing support to animators across the country in canvassing their communities, generating policy proposals and bringing these forward
  • Administration of the project funds, report writing, website
  • Work with funding organization to ensure the project is meeting its objectives
  • Participate in annual Project Self Review Process
  • Prepare and minute-take Coordinating Committee conference calls
  • Other duties/ tasks that may be assigned by the coordinating committee as is deemed necessary as the project develops

Education and/or Experience:

  • Food security, community development, intercultural effectiveness, agriculture, facilitation and organizing

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Bilingual (French and English)
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal communications skills, organizational skills, and facilitation skills
  • Knowledge of volunteer management
  • Must posses strong logistical skills in planning events
  • Sensitivity in working with multiple cultures and belief systems
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge and practice of sustainable agriculture practices is helpful
  • Computer skills in word processing, database management, and electronic communications, preferably Microsoft Office.
  • Presentation, organizational, and budgeting skills.
  • Ability to cooperate effectively with all staff, other field personnel, project partners and collaborating organizations.
  • Ability to work flexible schedule.
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to write effectively and clearly.

Interested applicants are asked to contact Cathleen Kneen at for more details about the project or the position.

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