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6th Atlantic Summer Institute--Get Ready to Get Resilient!

University of Prince Edward Island

How do people and communities survive and thrive in spite of  difficult circumstances?  What makes communities resilient?  

The theme for ASI 2009 is Innovation and Collaboration: Building Resilient Communities. The Institute will explore answers to these questions from the fields of

  • social and economic development
  • crime prevention and community safety
  • health and safety promotion
  • environmental sustainability

The Institute will attract those individuals and organizations who are working with innovative and collaborative practices as well as those who are looking to learn and be inspired by them!

The Canada Games 2009 are being held on Prince Edward Island in August, therefore the Institute will be taking place in the earlier month of June.

To see what happens during an Atlantic Summer Institute visit Check out the photos, the presentations, the program and more from 2008 - it will help you to see what it's all about! For inquiries please contact or (902) 894-3399.

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