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New Violence Prevention and Alcohol Policy Resources from OHPA

The Violence Prevention Workgroup of the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) recently created a database specific to highlighting programs - past and present - which focus on violence prevention in a variety of settings. Many of the uploaded programs are considered evidence-informed or a best practice. Numerous public health units and community coalitions have found the database helpful to inform programming decisions. You are able to search the posted violence prevention programs by keyword, geographical area, violence type, group at risk, and administering organization.

We invite you to view and search the database by visiting The database can also be accessed from the OPHA Violence Prevention Workgroup webpage at Feel free to browse this resource at your leisure and to add programs to the database from your community and your own work.

In addition, the Alcohol Policy Network has recently updated a web
information pack on the topic of injury prevention using current data.
Within this web resource you are able to find relevant published
papers, statistics, background information and links to helpful
websites:  Moreover, you may be interested in perusing some other information
packs found at on the topics
of: Alcohol Advertising; Alcohol Policy in the Workplace; Impaired
Driving on boats, snowmobiles, and automobiles; Alcohol controls and
liabilities; and numerous other topics important to the alcohol and
public health field.

For any questions related to the Violence Prevention Database or the Alcohol Policy Network's website, please contact Ben Rempel, Manager of Alcohol Education and Injury Prevention Programs at the Ontario Public Health Association at