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HSE Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs), VP Admin & Finance, UBC

Job Title:    HSE Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs)    Incumbent:  Vacant
Department:    Health, Safety and Environment
Faculty:    VP Admin & Finance
Family:    Occupational Health and Safety
Level:    C, Pay Grade 7

Job Summary

This position is responsible for developing, coordinating and evaluating the annual Health Symposium and Health Fair. As a key promoter of the University's Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC human resources strategy, other responsibilities include developing, implementing and evaluating a variety of programs and services to promote healthy decision-making and health behavior based on the principles of health promotion, population health, and multi-disciplinary collaboration consistent with industry best practices, and evidence-based decision making. The ideal candidate will have a clear understanding of the principles of health promotion and behaviour change.  We are looking for a strong communicator who can build relationships with community groups within and outside of UBC, using a collaborative and consultative style.  The position requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage a number of concurrent projects.  In addition, the position is responsible for providing health education information and services, including the planning, budgeting, fundraising, coordinating and delivering of UBC's annual Health Symposium, and performing other related duties. The Coordinator maintains an existing set of programs while also conducting community needs assessment to determine suggestions for new programming. The position maintains a directory of community supports and resources used for referral and advocacy.

Organizational Status
This position reports directly to the Manager, Health Promotion Programs and works closely with other staff in the Department of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).  From time to time, this position will also oversee, co-ordinate, or participate with other campus groups on health promotion planning projects and participate on a variety of committees and working groups related to health programming, promotion and services.

Major Responsibilities

Coordination of Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program Fund, Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC human resources strategy #1 "To develop a sustainable, healthy workplace".

  • Participates as a resource on the Healthy Workplace Initiative Program adjudicating committee, including all associated aspects of preparing agendas, minutes, templates, notes, and resource materials
  • Receives and processes all applications for the Fund, including criteria development and refinement, scoring, and notifications to applicants
  • Coordinates with colleagues at UBC-O regarding the Fund; and
  • Tracks outcomes, including challenges and successes, and prepares communications regarding same.

Lead responsibility for all components related to the creation of the annual UBC Health Symposium for UBC's staff and faculty:

  • solicits, negotiates and contracts all exhibitors, speakers, equipment and supplies for the event
  • marketing and communicating the Health Symposium to the campus community utilizing numerous communication tools, i.e. website, e-mail broadcast, presentations and written materials
  • conducting a comprehensive evaluation process through post event debriefings, focus groups and surveys. Analyzing outcomes and writing reports
  • researching, securing quotes from internal and external providers
  • recruiting and coordinating volunteers
  • overseeing expenditures and ensuring that budget goals are met; and
  • other duties as required.

Coordination of funds allocated for Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC human resources strategy #1 goal of "Expanding initiatives that build community around the theme of a healthy workplace."; develops, implements and evaluates a variety of programs and services, ensuring these are delivered on time and on budget by:

  • consulting with client and community groups in order to assess current needs and priorities and future programming and service requirements
  • researching and developing strategies, objectives and priorities for health promotion programming at UBC
  • planning, developing, implementing and evaluating programs, policies, procedures and practices to promote healthy living and provide quality services designed to enable UBC's staff and faculty to pursue optimal health
  • developing and implementing systems to track and maintain accurate client information, service delivery and other relevant program statistics in order to monitor program performance
  • maintaining effective public relations to ensure the activities of the Department meet the needs identified by clients
  • developing and managing the delivery of social marketing campaigns including print, broadcast, and web-based resources, and ensuring health information is widely available and accessible to the campus public
  • designing and undertaking health surveys, as required
  • providing assistance in survey design, program evaluation and analysis to UBC partners and agencies
  • participating in the development of health standards and guidelines in target health areas and other related areas; and
  • developing partnerships with individuals, professional groups, community groups and other levels of government concerned with promoting healthy living and decision making;
  • participating in other projects, as required.

Provides health education information and services, by:

  • planning, budgeting, fundraising, coordinating and delivering UBC's annual Health Symposium for Faculty and Staff, in collaboration with UBC-O and various internal and external stakeholders, including satellite events and education components as they relate to the theme and scope of the Symposium
  • researching and developing lesson plans and supplementary materials to assist in the delivery of health education programming;
  • working with staff and faculty to assist in the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the development of positive attitudes towards behaviors that protect and enhance healthy living; and
  • providing health education information on community resources and services.

Supervision Received

Work is performed under the general supervision of the Manager, Health Promotion Programs within established program criteria and other guidelines.  Work is subject to periodic review and consultation by the Manager, Health Promotion Programs to determine that the quality and quantity of work performed meets established program objectives.  The position will keep the Manager informed of ongoing activities and will consult with the Manager on major problem areas or deviations from established program objectives.

Supervision Given

This position may supervise a half-time Employee & Family Assistant Program Administrative Assistant and may also provide assignments and direction to part-time staff and/or contract workers.  The individual may represent the University with external and government agencies.

Consequence of Error

Under supervision of the Manager, Health Promotion Programs, this position is responsible for ensuring that the implementation of Health Promotion Programs at the University conforms to established HPP standards, policies and guidelines, focusing on the requirements of the Access to Information and Privacy Act, Human Rights Act, Federal and Municipal public health legislation and regulations (e.g. Federal Tobacco Act, City of Vancouver Smoking By-law), Health Programs policies and procedures and the Health Act.

The result of inadequate Health Promotion preparedness measures could result in serious physical and mental illness to faculty, researchers, staff and students. The failure to comply with federal, provincial and municipal legislation could involve the legal accountability of officers and administrators of the University and damage to the due diligence reputation of the University.

This position is responsible for the overall development and implementation of the annual Health Symposium.  Errors in judgement could result in financial repercussions for the University and employee groups.



  • Bachelor's degree in a health, social science, education or other relevant field of study; master's degree preferred
  • Mental health promotion experience an asset
  • Familiarity with federal and provincial health promotion agencies and organizations
  • Knowledge of University programs, policies and procedures an asset


  • Three (3) years related experience in a health promotion or health research planning/coordinating function in a municipal or educational setting
  • Recent experience developing and delivering health promotion programs and services aimed at diverse target audiences.
  • Experience in preparing and delivering presentations and workshops to diverse groups including allied professionals and the public would be an asset            
  • Project management experience an asset    


  • Assertive, self starter, able to work under limited supervision to meet program goals; able to work independently and within collaborative groups
  • Able to write reports and manuals
  • Effective public speaking, presentation and training skills
  • Ability to work with diverse academic, administrative and union groups
  • Ability to apply standards, policies and procedures to a wide variety of work situations
  • Excellent computer skills essential (including database and website software)

Working Conditions

  • A significant portion of work activities will be in an office setting, compiling reports, developing programs and attending meetings

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