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Theory and History of Harm Reduction

Online Course, part of the Certificate in Harm Reduction

course offers an introduction to the concept of Harm Reduction, its
history and how it fits into a broader framework of working with people
who use substances. It provides a foundation for understanding key
issues regarding Harm Reduction, policy and practice.

Start Date: April 27 End Date: July 24
Tuition: $665 (GST exempt)

Learning Outcomes for Course 1

Participants will be able to

  • understand the use of psychoactive substances (history, cultural context, history of treatment);
  • understand neuro-pharmacological perspective on drugs;
  • understand the history of drug policy in domestic and international contexts;
  • undertake
    a historical analysis of stigma and the marginalization of drugs and
    the people who use them (and how this intersects with other types of
  • understand the theoretical foundation of Harm Reduction;
  • understand the emergence of Harm Reduction domestically and internationally and analyze the evidence of its efficacy; and
  • understand the historical role of peer involvement.

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or contact The Division of Continuing Education (DCE),  Nneka Roberts,
Information Assistant, at (416) 736-5616 or

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