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Leading Profound Innovation

Kingbridge Conference Centre and Institute

Presented by the ALIA Institute

Dr. C. Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT, and the founding chair of the Presencing Institute, will lead this three-day exploration of the U process, a theoretical framework and hands-on map for engaging teams or whole organizations in a process that shifts both personal and collective perception and therefore action. The three stages of sensing, presencing, and realizing include practices for suspending assumptions, gaining fresh insights into root dynamics, and discovering key leverage points for positive change. The U process leads to "profound innovation" because it provides a systematic way of accessing the deeper journey of your own leadership as well as the emerging potential of your organization or community.

Dr. Scharmer introduced the theoretical framework and practice called "presencing" in his book Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges (2007), and in Presence: An Exploration of Profound Change in People, Organizations, and Society (2005), co-authored with Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers.

In times when the status quo is often no longer an option, Dr. Scharmer's work has been hailed as an important breakthrough in the fields of leadership, innovation, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and organizational transformation.

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