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Launch of the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance's Common Messages Project

The Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance's Common Messages:  Supporting Collective Priorities and Action on Chronic Disease Prevention across Ontario provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and organizations whose work relates to chronic disease prevention to take collective action to reduce the risks for chronic disease and promote wellbeing in Ontario.   This document identifies common "messages", advanced and supported by the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance's 30+ organization membership, that focus attention on the most important issues and priorities in chronic disease prevention today. The document includes a background on the need for common messages, an introduction to messages and related actions that health practitioners, organizations, and groups can take to collectively move forward in addressing chronic disease and its prevention.  The official document has now been posted on our website:

Backgrounders and supporting documents will be available on the OCDPA website in late March that relate and support each Risk Factor message and provide examples of how practitioners, groups, networks and organizations can move forward to support the issues at hand.  Please visit our website at for more details.

For more information about this project, please feel free to contact OCDPA staff at or