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Opening Closets Conference

A conference promoting equality and inclusion.

Keynote Address: Senator Nancy Ruth
Performance By: Faith Nolan


  1. How To Be An Ally by Making Your Organization LGBT Inclusive --This workshop will engage participants in assessing their service accessibility to the
  2. LGBTTIQ2 communities and provide strategies for positive change.
  3. Supporting Youth--This workshop will explore some of the more common experiences of LGBTQ youth and the factors that contribute to resiliency. Some of the possibilities for services that support and affirm these youth will be explored.
  4. Trans Inclusion--This informative and interactive workshop covers a range of topics such as definitions of common terms, youth issues, sex worker issues, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, self-harm and self-esteem with the aim of making services more accessible to transsexual/transgendered people.
  5.  Celebrating Queerness--Come participate in the LGBTQ history and trivia game, an edge-of-your-seat interactive event that highlights the history of the LGBTQ community! Compete in a variety of games designed to engage you in the past, encourage you to think critically about the present and be an informed PRIDE partner in the future!

Registration is required: $25.00 per person, lunch included.

For more information, please contact: Opening Closets III, Huronia Transition Homes, 705-526-322.

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