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Related Online Resources from CMHA

1. CMHA Ontario's papers on chronic disease mental health and mental illness

What is the Fit Between Mental Health, Mental Illness and Ontario's Approach to Chronic Disease Prevention and Management? (August 2008)

Recommendations for Preventing and Managing Co-Existing Chronic Physical Conditions and Mental Illnesses (August 2008)

The Relationship between Mental Health, Mental Illness and Chronic Physical Conditions

Presentation at CMHA National Conference (August 2008)

2. CMHA Ontario's papers on the social determinants, mental health and mental illness

Submission to the provincial government: Strategies for Reducing Poverty in Ontario (June 2008)

Backgrounder: Poverty and Mental Illness (November 2007)

Backgrounder: Housing and Mental Illness (June 2008)

3. Mental Health Promotion

Mental Health Promotion in Ontario: A Call to Action (November 2008)
4. Recovery

CMHA's foundational document describes the policy framework needed to support people living with mental illnesses. It is one way of understanding recovery.

John Trainor, Ed Pomeroy and Bonnie Pape, A Framework for Support, Third Edition (Canadian Mental Health Association, National Office, 2004), p. 23