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Additional Online Resources Realted to Mental Health and Chronic Disease

1. Common messages for mental health and chronic disease prevention

Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance's Common Messages:
Supporting Collective Priorities and Action on Chronic Disease Prevention across Ontario

Alberta Healthy Living Network Mental Health Common Messages

2. Prevention and early intervention for mental illness

Improving people's understanding and awareness of mental illness impacts on help-seeking behaviour and early intervention.
National Integrated Framework for Enhancing Mental Health Literacy in Canada July 2008)

World Health Organization, Prevention of Mental Disorders, Effective Interventions and Policy Options, (2004), p. 13

Ontario Guidelines Advisory Committee, Screening for Depression, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Ontario Medical Association, GAC Summary of the Recommended Guideline, no. 214 (June 2007)

3. Depression and chronic disease management

Nick Kates and Michele Mach, "Chronic Disease Management for Depression in Primary Care: A Summary of the Current Literature and Implications for Practice," Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 52, no. 2 (2007): 77-85

4. Antipsychotic medication and diabetes

Vincent Woo, Stewart B. Harris and Robyn L. Houlden, "Canadian Diabetes Association Position Paper: Antipsychotic Medications and the Associated Risks of Weight Gain and Diabetes," Canadian Journal of Diabetes 29, no. 2 (2005): 111-112

5. Mental illness in Canada

Canada, "The Human Face of Mental Health and Mental Illness in Canada 2006," Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada (2006), p. 31

6. Chronic Disease Prevention and Management frameworks

Ontario's framework

BC's framework
Victoria J. Barr et al., "The Expanded Chronic Care Model: An Integration of Concepts and Strategies from Population Health Promotion and the Chronic Care Model," Hospital Quarterly 7, no. 1 (2003): 73-82

7. Chronic disease risk factors and the social determinants of health

Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance and Health Nexus, "Primer to Action: Social Determinants of Health" (May 2008)

Emma Haydon et al., "Chronic Disease in Ontario and Canada: Determinants, Risk Factors and Prevention Priorities" (Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance and Ontario Public Health Association, March 2006), pp. 47-52

Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada, "Poverty and Chronic Disease: Recommendations for Action" (April 2008)