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Are They Doing Desire Differently? Canadian Youth Developing Sexual Selves

1:30-3:00 p.m.
Ryerson University, Bond Building (SBB), 105 Bond Street, 2nd Floor, Room 239

Research on sexuality and youth is dominated by discourses of danger, victimization, and individual morality, while pleasure, agency, embodiment, and entitlement remain conspicuously submerged. We report on the results of a developing program of research on healthy sexualities among Canadian youth, based on pilot semi-structured interviews with female university students (ages 18-26). Our findings suggest the epistemological and empirical importance of reconfiguring sexual health education and research aimed at youth.

Presenters: Maria Gurevich, PhD; Lewis Alexander Wright, B.A. Candidate; Amy Brown-Bowers, B.A.; Michelle Dionn; Lisa Dang, B.A.; Jenna Wagner, BA.