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IAPA's Health & Safety Canada 2009 Conference & Trade Show

Make it a plan to attend the largest health and safety event in the country.  As an emerging workplace health and safety issue that often affects people in their prime working years, mental health in the workplace will receive special attention this year.

At the Forum on Mental Health on Monday, April 20, a panel of high-profile mental health advocates will explore the issues of workplace stress and mental illness and outline how employers can help defuse the soaring economic and human costs associated with mental illness. Other sessions with a focus on mental health include

  • Worker Values, Culture & Community - Safety Communication that Goes Directly to Workers and their Values
  • Guarding Minds @ Work - A Workplace Guide to Psychological Safety and Health
  • Workload Unplugged: Strategies for the Overworked, Overloaded and Overwhelmed
  • Leadership That Inspires: You Need Good Mental Health to be Inspired
  • Building Resilience in a Difficult Time
  • The 911 of Surviving Stress in a Type 'A' World - 4 Critical Components of Staying Healthy Under Pressure

The guide is available from:

Note: Student registration of $25.00 plus GST per day is available on site with I.D.