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Request for Participation in Web-based Brainstorming on Chronic Disease Prevention

The CAPTURE project, an initiative of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, seeks your unique perspectives on chronic disease prevention towards building a new knowledge exchange platform. Since this platform will serve people like you - those engaged in prevention practice, policy, research or funding-related activities, its development will benefit from your insights.

The first phase of our consultation involves web-based brainstorming. The Concept System(R) concept mapping methodology will be used to maximize input while minimizing the burden on your time. To participate, visit by April 20, 2009, and enter your response to the statement:  "An element of any system supporting the collection and use of practice and policy-based evidence related to chronic disease prevention is..."  

If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact Michael Huffman at

We want input from as many chronic disease prevention stakeholders as possible, as they will ultimately be the users of the CAPTURE platform. We need to understand how CAPTURE can add value, complementing rather than duplicating existing initiatives. Therefore, we would appreciate your passing on this message to your colleagues in the prevention community, and encouraging them to participate.

We also want to keep you informed about CAPTURE's development and offer you the opportunity to participate in future consultations.  To this end, the brainstorming website includes a link where you can enter your email address. Names will not be linked to concept mapping responses.

Questions about the CAPTURE brainstorming?  Please contact Jen Bitz at