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Research Assistant, Bloorview Research Institute, Bloorview Kids Rehab

Title: Research Assistant
Status: Temporary part- time (4-6 month contract)
Program: Research


The successful candidate for this position will participate in the data analysis phase of an innovative qualitative research study conducted with disabled children to determine the accessibility of their homes, schools and neighbourhoods.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in the analysis, management and entry of data (maps, interview transcriptions, photographs)
  • Work with the PI, Co-Is and RAs to develop data analysis strategies
  • Complete literature reviews of relevant topics
  • Draft manuscripts for publication and presentation


  • Masters Degree (Health or Social Sciences), or Bachelor's Degree (B.A./B.Sc.) with at least 3 years of relevant research experience
  • Advanced computer skills with knowledge and dexterity in Microsoft Office & NViv(or other qualitative data analysis software)
  • Technically competent with desktop hardware, telephone and videconferencing, digital cameras, BlackBerry, and audio-recording devices.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organization, time management and priority setting skills
  • Excellent qualitative data analysis skills
  • Excellent library and bibliographic skills
  • Excellent manuscript preparation skills
  • Ability twork independently and meet deadlines
  • Ability tfunction as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Ability tproblem solve creatively
  • Ability tpay meticulous attention tdetail
  • Publication record a valuable asset

Please submit a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae before April 14, 2009 to:

Patricia McKeever, PhD
Senior Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute, Bloorview Kids Rehab
150 Kilgour Road, Toronto, ON M4G 1R8
(416) 425-6220 x 3348

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