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Nurturing a High Performance Culture: Improving Accountability & Results in Nonprofit Organizations

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
VHA Home Healthcare, 477 Mt. Pleasant Road, Suite 500

It is an accepted fact that most organizational problems are, at some level, people problems. Despite continuing efforts to find solutions, many organizational cultures exhibit common symptoms - mistrust, lack of accountability, complacency and poor morale. Individuals, teams, departments - even partner organizations - turn into "accidental adversaries," while still claiming commitment to a common purpose. What if we could uncover the root cause of why this occurs, and why people feel others cause problems and they do not?

The Arbinger Institute, through decades of research, has discovered a solution that gets to the heart of the matter - the problem of self-deception. Their conclusion is that, despite the best efforts and intentions of leaders to create high performance organizations, they have most often been unsuccessful because this deeper problem was never addressed.  

What is unique about the Arbinger approach is that it focuses on helping individuals see how working on the problem of self-deception is at the heart of any lasting solution, and to gain the insights and skills necessary to do this effectively. This workshop presents the Arbinger solution in an intensive, comprehensive and thoroughly practical way. Under licence from Arbinger Canada, we're pleased to be able to present this workshop at a special rate ($395 versus $795) for our nonprofit clients.

A Powerful Two-day Learning Experience In this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Understand how self-deception occurs, and how it undermines relationships and results
  • See how organizations waste enormous resources ‘funding' - but never solving - this problem
  • Help create work cultures and personal lives free of self-deception
  • Improve accountability and performance by focusing on four key work relationships
  • Implement systematic, practical methods to improve individual and team results
  • Establish an ongoing reporting mechanism to ensure accountability
  • Leverage their learning to solve enduring problems and seemingly intractable conflicts
  • Participants will learn through an engaging mix of:
  • Brief presentation of key concepts and principles
  • Real world case examples
  • Large group discussion
  • Small group sharing and discussion
  • Paired and small group skills practice
  • Individual reflection and personal application
  • Follow-up action planning

Facilitator: Peter O'Donnell, Healthy Futures Group
Cost: $395 ($414.75, with GST, includes lunch, refreshments & materials both days)

For more information or to register, visit