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Research Associate, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa

Systematic review on small area effects and health
3 days/week for one year
Salary: $53,000/year x 0.6 = $31,800

We are seeking a research associate to work alongside Elizabeth Kristjansson and Ted Schrecker at the Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa on a systematic review of the literature on small area effects on health.

Question to be answered

This project is part of a 5 year study on Globalization and the Health of Canadians (principal
investigator: Ronald Labonte at the Institute of Population Health), focusing on globalization's
effects on low-income households with children in Canada's major metropolitan areas.

The Questions: What is the current state of the evidence with respect to small area effects and
health in the major metropolitan areas?

A critical question in assessing effects of socioeconomic inequalities on metropolitan health is
the extent to which health disparities reflect contextual as well as compositional factors. In other words, do socioeconomic gradients in health reflect something about the places in which people live and work, as well as their individual and household (compositional) characteristics?

The proposed review will make a valuable contribution to the literature by updating the synthesis of available evidence on place and health using consistent criteria, as well as identifying key methodological issues for future study.

We will use standard systematic review and meta-analysis methods, searching both the peer
reviewed and grey literature, but incorporating a broader range of research designs and
methodologies than is often the case with systematic reviews of clinical procedures. This review will begin with the development of a review protocol and proceed once all members of the research network involved with this study have approved the protocol.

Whom are we seeking?

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have training in Population Health, Public Health, or Epidemiology
  • Be aware of the issues around small areas (neighbourhoods, communities) and health
  • Have some experience in systematic reviewing and meta-analysis
  • Have some knowledge or experience in process evaluation
  • Have excellent writing skills, ideally demonstrated in a portfolio of published work
  • Be able to interact well with a variety of network investigators, authors of primary studies, and experts in the field
  • Have excellent organizational skills
  • Be keen to learn
  • Be familiar with Reference Manager 11 bibliographic software
  • Be able to work independently, but also work well with others

What can we offer?

  • Competitive wages
  • A good working atmosphere
  • Opportunities for learning
  • Co-authorship on conference presentations and on a major peer reviewed publication

How to apply?

Please contact Prof. Ted Schrecker at with a c.v., or call him at (613) 562
5800 x 2289