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Health Canada News Headlines for March 2009

  1. Government of Canada Works with Ontario to Help Prevent Young People From Taking Illicit Drugs
  2. Government of Canada Supports Teaching Canadian Physicians More About First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health
  3. Health Canada and Canadian Standards Association Announce New Standard for Snow Sport Helmets
  4. Government of Canada Supports Initiative to Provide More French-Speaking Health Professionals
  5. Government of Canada Works with British Columbia to Help Prevent Young People from Taking Illicit Drugs
  6. Government of Canada Works with New Brunswick to Reduce Patient Wait Times in Province
  7. Government of Canada Supports Further Education for Island Residents and Atlantic Retailers about the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use
  8. Government of Canada to Evaluate 17 Additional Substances Under the Chemicals Management Plan
  9. Government of Canada Takes Further Steps to Improve Safety of Health Products
  10. Government of Canada Takes Action on an Additional Four Substances Assessed under Canada's World-Leading Chemicals Management Plan
  11. Government of Canada Supports National Initiative to Help Recruit and Retain Nurses

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