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We're All in this Together--Defending the Public Interest During the Recession: A Community Forum

3:00-5:00 p.m.
Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto, 569 Spadina Avenue

As not-for-profit social agencies strain to meet increasing need with less funding, there is growing concern that governments' economic stimulus packages are doing more to serve the interests of corporate CEOs than address immediate social needs.

The desperate struggles of those hardest hit by the recession are inspiring increased activism around issues of poverty, labour, health, human rights, housing, food security, and equity (among others), as people attempt to redirect their governments' attention to serving the public interest.

Panelists include

  • Naomi Klein, Author of the Shock Doctrine
  • Uzma Shakir, The Colour of Poverty
  • Gail Nyberg, The Daily Bread Food Bank
  • Peggy Nash, Good Jobs Coalition, C.A.W.
  • and more to be announced.

Share your experiences of the recession.  Share your experiences of mobilization and action.  Discuss strategies for moving forward together.