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Maslaha - A New Language for Understanding Islam Today

nSome of the greatest integration challenges occur during the essential transactions of everyday life: a visit to the doctor, a meeting at your child's school or paying a bill in a bank. Established by the Young Foundation and a featured Good Idea by Cities of Migration, the Maslaha project provides practical information to help the Islamic community navigate cultural issues to do with healthcare, education, family life, finance, and civic and democratic engagement.

Join Raheel Mohammed, project lead for the Maslaha project, and colleague Natalia Chan for a lively presentation from London on innovative approaches used by Maslaha to provide culturally sensitive and practical information about Islam, impacting on the most pressing social issues of the day. Maslaha's health strand is currently leading the way in the UK in combining faith and medical advice to help change patients' behaviour and promote healthy lifestyles.

More information or to register for the April event, visit