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Grounding Trauma--A 2-Day National Conference

Huron University College

The effects of traumatic stress and loss are a persistent factor for people working in the helping professions.Any lack of acceptance, training or comfort with traumatic stress and loss may cause pain to both clients and workers.

What is working well?  We are presenting many informative workshops about successes in working with trauma survivors as well as support for the worker and organization.

What more needs to be done?  Are post-secondary programs adequately preparing students to do this work? Are agency work environments as supportive to staff and clients as they could be? We will explore what needs to be done and how can we start doing it!

  • Dr Rick Csiernik, "Trauma Exposure and the Social Work Practicum"
  • Hannah Sherebrin, RN ATR, "Art Therapy with Parents Grieving Children Lost to Terrorism"

For more information or to register, email, call 1-905-877-6547, or visit

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