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Leadership Principles for Public health Professionals

In collaboration with the Canadian Consortium of Environmental Public Health Educators, the Faculty of Professional Education at Concordia University College of Alberta has developed and offers this 1.5 university credit course in September, 2009.

Students will apply the foundational framework of knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for effective leadership of public health organizations. Topics covered include theories, values, issues and skills of leadership, tools for effective motivation and the relationship of communication to organizational effectiveness.

Instructor: Richard Ford, Ph.D.

Target Groups: a. Environmental Public Health professionals with CPHI(C) certification and b. Public Health Practitioners, minimum 2 years work experience in a public health discipline and minimum 2 years (minimum 24 credits) of educational, experience in either a diploma or baccalaureate program in a post-secondary institution

Delivery Mode and Duration: Long distance, web-based utilizing the Concordia Course Management System (CCMS), 8 weeks, September 8-October 26, 2009.

Tuition Fee:  $375.00 plus institutional fees ($396 total) and textbook costs

For more information, including application instructions, please visit  All documentation must be received by July 15, 2009.