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New Report: Senate Subcommittee on Population Health

The Senate Subcommittee on Population Health released its final report, which focuses on health disparities: A Healthy, Productive Canada: A Determinant Of Health Approach.

From the news release:

Senator Keon, Chair of the subcommittee stated that: “The federal role is to assist with the building of healthy and vibrant communities. The need to provide funding in a flexible manner is imperative so as to allow and stimulate communities to be more creative in the development of programs oriented toward the development of healthy practices”.

Senator Pépin, Deputy Chair of the subcommittee, added that: “Even if well integrated, health care services alone, do not make a community healthy. Goverments at all level should support an overall, community-based approach to health and human development and assist with the integration of health and social services, wherever possible, and where it makes sense for the users”.

The subcommittee found that Canada is seriously falling behind countries such as the United Kingdom and Sweden and stated that it is unacceptable for a wealthy country such as Canada to continue to tolerate such disparities in health. Furthermore the subcommittee stressed that disparities may widen even further with the current economic crisis, which is unprecedented in terms of its global reach and impact. The subcommittee maintains that a whole of government approach is required with intersectoral action embracing business, volunteers and community organizations. This will not be easy, but it can and must be done. We cannot afford to do otherwise, says the report.


News release: