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New Report: Summary Report on the Development of Pan-Canadian Discipline-Specific Competencies for Health Promoters

As presented at the May 27, 2009 Health Promotion Ontario Conference, the Summary Report on the DEVELOPMENT of PAN-CANADIAN DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES FOR HEALTH PROMOTERS has been posted to the HPO web site,

Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, this document describes the consultation process and presents the latest draft of the proposed Pan-Canadian Competencies for Health Promoters, and provides details about the developmental process to date, as well as proposed next steps.

HPO hopes to use this work as a basis for further consultation and development at the national level for discipline-specific competencies for health promoters, in collaboration with our partners.

Thanks to author Marco Ghassemi who led the project on behalf of HPO, as well as to those who provided feedback on the competencies.

Kevin Churchill

Past-Chair, Health Promotion Ontario