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York University Certificate in Harm Reduction

The Certificate in Harm Reduction consists of 117 hours of instruction (3 courses in total) and is designed to introduce service providers, administrators and policy makers to the principles, concepts and practices of harm reduction; to provide an opportunity to critically examine examples of harm reduction work; and to become familiar with strategies for mobilizing support for and developing harm reduction programs in communities and institutions.

  • Course #1: Theory and History of Harm Reduction (offered online)
  • Course #2: Harm Reduction Policies and Strategies (offered over 5 full days, commencing November 23)
  • Course #3: Harm Reduction Programs and Practice (offered over 5 full days)

For information regarding dates, fees, registration and location please visit our web-site at

Upon successful completion of all three courses the participant is awarded a Certificate in Harm Reduction from York University.

A National Harm Reduction Program Advisory Committee assisted in the development of the curriculum for this Program and we wish to thank them for their contributions.