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Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT) Course Available

A well-developed knowledge translation (KT) plan is emerging as a proposal requirement for health research in Canada and abroad, and there is greater attention to research utilization and research impact. The SKTT© training course was developed on the premise that scientists are agents of change in creating research impact, promoting research utilization, and ensuring their research findings reach the appropriate audiences. There is a skill set surrounding KT practice, and it is these competencies that the training course was designed to impart.

Course objectives:

  • Participants will develop improved understanding and knowledge related to KT and its context within the social/political/research community
  • Participants will learn about the evidence-base underlying KT strategies and develop awareness of how to evaluate impact
  • Participants will learn to develop KT plans
  • Participants will improve their abilities for communicating research findings to multiple audiences
  • Participants will improve their understanding and skills related to sharing research knowledge through the media
  • Participants will develop appreciation and skills elated to linking with policy makers

The training workshop includes 5 modules provided over 2 days but can be modified to fit your specific needs. Training is provided using a combination of didactic and interactive techniques, including the KT Game©. SKTT training is appropriate for scientists across all four scientific pillars, basic, clinical, health services, and population health, and can be adapted to other health audiences. The course has been evaluated with scientists.

For more information or to request training for your group, contact Dr. Melanie Barwick at (416) 813-1085 or

The SKTT Course was developed through funding from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (Grant KBD-1213-06) and the Research Institute, Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids), Toronto.

© Barwick M, Butterill D, Lockett DM, Buckley L & Goering P. (2005). Scientist knowledge translation training manual. The Hospital for Sick Children / Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.