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The Global Politics of Food

Lake Couchiching, Ontario
August 6-9, 2009

Food security issues dominate the headlines – from security and safety of production, to the growing number of the world’s population without access to healthy and sufficient food, to climate change and the environment, to government regulatory lapses. Today Prime Minister made an announcement at the G8 Summit – where food security is emerging as an important theme – that Canada will boost its food funding by $600 over three years. The G8 countries, according to Canada, have “established a goal of mobilizing at least $15-billion (U.S.) over three years through a co-ordinated, comprehensive strategy focused on sustainable agricultural development.”

There’s never been a more relevant and pressing theme – and you’re invited to come take part in the discussions! For those of you who have been to Couchiching, you know to expect stimulating conversation at all hours of the day and night, from fellow delegates between 18 and 80 of divergent backgrounds. And for those of you who have never been – well, it’s about time. Join us for three days of spirited and civil disagreement, not to mention much eating, drinking and carousing by the lake. (Day passes are available for those unable to commit to the entire conference, but I bet you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away.)

For more information on this, the 78th Annual Couchiching Conference, visit regularly for updates and reading lists.