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TEACH Project for Francophones

Toronto, Ontario
October 19-21 & 22-23, 2009

The TEACH Project for Francophones trains clinicians, health care professionals and other individuals who provide smoking cessation services to Francophones.

TEACH Francophone trainings offered in 2009:

  1. A three-day core course (October 19-21) – Cours sur l’arrêt du tabagisme : compétences et stratégies essentielles (A Comprehensive Course on Smoking Cessation: Essential Skills and Strategies). This course is designed to enable health care professionals to gain access to evidence-based knowledge about tobacco use and to develop practical skills in cessation counselling.
  2. A two-day specialty course (October 22-23) – L’entretien motivationnel et l’arrêt du tabagisme (Motivational Interviewing and Tobacco Cessation). This course is designed to facilitate and enhance practitioners’ application of motivational interviewing skills within the context of intensive tobacco cessation interventions.

Participants who fulfill all course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion in Continuing Education in Intensive Tobacco Cessation Interventions from the University of Toronto.

The application period will open August 17 and will close September 8. Applications will be submitted electronically on our website.

The training will take place at the TEACH Learning Centre in Toronto.

For more information, contact the TEACH Project at or visit