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Getting to Uptake: Leveraging Social Innovation for Practice Change

Toronto, Ontario
September 23, 2009

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Toronto Board of Trade,  1 First Canadian Place

The symposium will bring new ideas from business and social media enterprise to a gathering of experts from the children’s sectors to explore how social media innovations and new thinking might leverage organizational or practice change in education and mental health.

The focus will be on (1) the co-development of new strategies for knowledge translation and practice change, and (2) the re-interpretation of existing strategies that have been applied in one sector but have yet to be adapted for application in another. The existing inventory of knowledge translation strategies is limited and their effectiveness variable. The field must continue with further research on their effectiveness, but the pool of strategies also needs to evolve further. The venue will provide a much needed opportunity to look beyond our own disciplines and work environments to that we might learn from what others are doing elsewhere that may have application in mental health and education. Only then will we be able to further our success in bridging knowledge to practice and to improve knowledge exchange and uptake.

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