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September's Five Good Ideas Event from Maytree: Dealing with an Influenza Pandemic

Toronto, Ontario
September 23, 2009

12:00–2:00 p.m.
St. Michael's College, Elmsley Hall, Charbonnel Lounge, 81 St. Mary Street (closest subways are Bay and Wellesley stations)

An influenza pandemic raises difficult questions for organizations: How might an outbreak affect staffing capacity, the safety of clients, the viability of programs and services and the stability of funding? How can organizations make decisions and communicate to stakeholders in an environment of changing or conflicting information while dealing with high rates of management absenteeism? How can organizations match their response to the severity of the situation? While many guidelines exist for corporations and for hospitals, precious little has been established for small and medium-sized non-profit organizations – particularly those without a health focus. In this session, emergency management consultant Thomas Appleyard will share Five Good Ideas he has learned in working with these organizations as they have prepared for an influenza pandemic over recent years and responded to the H1N1 pandemic over recent weeks.

Space is limited so register early. There is no cost for the workshop and a light lunch will be provided. Visit for more information.

Five Good Ideas is a lunch and learn program where industry or issue experts discuss powerful yet practical ideas on key management issues facing nonprofit organizations. The sessions are most useful for staff and board members of small and mid-sized nonprofits. Each expert presents five practical, strategic ideas and explores with the audience how these ideas can be translated into action.

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