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Call for Proposals--Program Training and Consultation Centre / Media Network: Development and Delivery of a Webinar on the Use of Social Media in Tobacco Control Programming

Toronto, Ontario
Deadline September 21, 2009


The Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) is a resource centre of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, responsible for providing training and technical assistance to professionals working in tobacco control in Ontario. PTCC is managed and administered through the Population Health Unit, in the Prevention and Screening Program department of Cancer Care Ontario. PTCC is funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion.

The Media Network, established in 2000 under the Ontario Tobacco Strategy to increase positive media coverage around tobacco control issues at local and provincial levels, became a program within PTCC in April 2008. The program provides public relations expertise and knowledge exchange to tobacco control practitioners in Ontario.


Based on multiple requests for assistance from and conversations with a number of key Media Network stakeholders, it was determined that the tobacco control community in Ontario could benefit greatly from better training on how to employ social media technologies as part of their tobacco control social marketing and other intervention strategies. As well, PTCC’s Tobacco Use Reduction for Young Adults Community of Practice (CoP) named social media as a priority for 2009/2010.

Neither the Media Network nor PTCC currently has internal resources capable of offering this training, nor the relevant expertise, which is the reason for issuing this call for proposals. A consultant is required to develop and present a webinar presentation on this topic and to provide up to 7.5 hours of consultation time to Media Network staff regarding changes in social media technologies. Once complete this project will meet the growing needs of Media Network stakeholders, meet the fair competition standards set forth by CCO policy and help the Media Network maintain the consistency and effectiveness of its services and meet the deliverables laid out by the Ministry of Health Promotion.

The webinar presentation will be targeted to those working or volunteering in tobacco control across Ontario. The audience will be multidisciplinary and skill levels and confidence in using social media technologies may vary widely; thus the presentation must be applicable to staff at a variety of levels. The webinar will first be presented by the consultant. Any future presentations will be presented by Media Network staff unless internal resources are unavailable, in which case a new RFQ may be issued. A maximum of 100 participants will be permitted to attend the webinar. The webinar and all materials associated with it will be property of CCO.

Content to be covered in the webinar includes:

  • What is social media and how has the world of communications changed in the past decade?
  • Why is it important to consider social media technologies in tobacco control programming?
  • How can social media platforms and technologies be incorporated in tobacco control programming, including social marketing and other public education campaigns?
  • Proper procedures, protocols and security when using social media technologies
  • Examples from past experiences or campaigns, related to tobacco control

The length of the webinar should be 90-120 minutes.

Content to be covered in consultations with Media Network staff includes:

  • Changes in relevant social media technologies;
  • New social media technologies that have grown, or are expected to grow, in popularity;
  • How to use these new technologies in public health, with a focus on tobacco control;
  • Any security or safety risks inherent in changing or new technologies.

Location, Timing and Budget

Development of the webinar will begin in late September 2009 and be completed no later than October 26. Delivery of the webinar will be held between November 9 - December 4 2009, pending availability of stakeholders. Evaluation of this project will be conducted by the Media Network and should not be factored into any proposal.

The webinar will be hosted by the Media Network based in Toronto and available to tobacco control stakeholders across Ontario. All hosting costs will be covered by PTCC and should not be factored into proposals.

Consultations with Media Network staff will be held by teleconference unless travel to CCO offices is approved in advance.

Travel is not foreseen for this project, however vendors should be aware that as per new rules announced by the Government of Ontario on June 17, 2009, a new consultant expense policy has been adopted by CCO which restricts the reimbursement of hospitality, incidental and food expenses by consultants. Relevant to this project, incidentals include without limitation, communication devices such as Blackberrys, traffic and parking violations, office supplies, photocopying, teleconferencing etc. Therefore, consultants should consider this as they develop their proposals and factor these costs into their budget.

It is anticipated that the total level of effort to conduct this project will be 3-4 days of work or less to prepare and deliver the webinar and approximately one day for consultation up to March 31, 2010, depending on the experience and knowledge of the selected contractor.


Phase I

1. Attend client briefing meeting (teleconference acceptable) with Media Network Team Lead.

2. Develop a detailed workplan with the steps necessary to complete the project within timelines and meet the needs of stakeholders.

Phase II

3. Conduct research into public health campaigns and/or other interventions which took advantage of social media technologies, with a focus on tobacco control if available.

4. Develop the content for the webinar, including a PowerPoint presentation and any participant materials (for the workshop and as take-away materials).

5. Obtain feedback from Media Network Team Lead and revise content and plans accordingly.

Phase III

6. The consultant will facilitate and deliver the webinar once. Depending on demand and internal resources, the consultant may be asked to deliver the webinar again.

7. The consultant will provide a final copy of the webinar presentation materials, including all participant materials, to the Media Network Team Lead.

Phase IV

8. Submit a report to PTCC of progress against deliverables, challenges encountered, lessons learned, and recommendations for future social media resource development and/or training opportunities.

Phase V

9. Consult with Media Network staff on changes in social media technologies and popularity


The deadline for submitting proposals: 4:00 p.m. on September 21, 2009.

Please include in your proposal, maximum five pages:

1. A brief summary of your experience with social media technologies, specifically addressing the number of years of experience, what platforms you have used and your confidence with each platform;

2. A summary of previous relevant experience and references;

3. A description of the approach to be followed in carrying out the proposed work;

4. An anticipated assignment completion time line expressed in terms of workdays and/or workweeks for completing the proposed work; and

5. A detailed budget of projected cost of the work including development and presentation of the webinar and hourly rates for consulting.

Bidders will submit to:

Matt Drennan-Scace, Team Lead – Media Network for a Smoke-Free Ontario
Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) Population Health, Prevention & Screening
Cancer Care Ontario
505 University Avenue, 18th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 1X3
P.416.971.9800 X3478


Compliance with proposal requirements: 5%

Applicants should meet all requirements as stated in this call for proposals (i.e., addressing points 1-5 in section D).

Approach: 10%

Approach will be evaluated on: proposed plan for becoming informed of project needs, methodology for webinar development and delivery, plan for incorporating desired content and ensuring participant interactivity

Delivery and implementation schedule: 20%

Delivery and implementation schedule will be evaluated on: Overall timing of project delivery and availability between late September and early December 2009.

Previous experience: 45%

Experience will be evaluated on three fronts: Understanding of social media technologies, experience working with public health, and knowledge of current tobacco control issues.

Price: 20%

The daily or hourly rate should be competitive.


1. Proposals submitted may be reviewed and evaluated by any person(s) or company designated by CCO. Proposals that do not comply with the conditions and requirements of the call for proposals may be refused.

2. Information contained in this call for proposals is considered proprietary by CCO. Respondents must agree to maintain the confidential nature of this and any other proprietary information so identified by CCO.

3. CCO reserves the right to award all or any portion of a proposal which is deemed most favorable to their interests. The lowest or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted. In this regard, CCO will evaluate each proposal on the basis of the criteria contained under the headnig "EVALUATION CRITERIA". CCO, in its sole discretion, may award all or a portion of the proposal to one Bidder or a combination of Bidders. CCO reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. CCO shall not be obligated to provide reasons for the rejection of any proposal.