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Health Canada Headlines for August 2009

  1. Government of Canada, Government of British Columbia, and First Nations Health Council Reaffirm Commitment to Tripartite First Nations Health Plan
  2. Government of Canada announces two initiatives to support healthcare workers in treating and preventing H1N1
  3. Government of Canada Helps Keep Youth in School through Illicit Drug Use Education
  4. Health Canada and CAA Partner to Raise Awareness of Products that are Regulated or Prohibited in Canada
  5. The Government of Canada Completes Assessments for an Additional 19 Substances Included in the Chemicals Management Plan
  6. Government of Canada Helps Reduce Cigarette Smoking in Aboriginal Communities Across Alberta
  7. Government of Canada helps schools prepare for H1N1 flu virus
  8. Government of Canada Works with Provinces and Communities to Help Prevent Young People from Taking Illicit Drugs
  9. Government of Canada Works with Niagara Region to Help Prevent Young People from Taking Illicit Drugs
  10. Government of Canada announces intention to order 50.4 million doses of H1N1 vaccine

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