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World Response Conference on Global Outbreak (WRCGO 2009: H5N1 + H1N1 Flu)

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 12-13, 2009

It is a great pleasure to invite you to join us at the World Response Conference on Global Outbreak 2009 - H1N1 Swine Flu and H5N1 Avian Flu. Our mission is to support the urgent endeavours of worldwide public health on pandemic influenza and to contribute to the advancement of the global community through the aspect of Prevention, Protection, Response, and Recovery.

Your participation will definitely bring greater transparency to the preparedness efforts around the world. With our 350 registered attendees as of the moment, we invite you to be part of the exchange network among the public and private sector summit participants on both days of the event. This would help improve the quality of communication, coordination and collaboration needed for an international response program. WRCGO 2009 is expecting 700 attendees for this coming November 2009.

Who Should Attend: Government Representatives, Associations, Administration & CFO, VP and Management for Emergency Services, Critical Infrastructure and Pandemic Planning Committee Members, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Program Manager of Emergency, Financial Affairs & University Controller, Manager of Employee Wellness, Corporate Relations Team, Director for Health & Safety Services, Crisis Management Coordinator, Human Resource, Manager for Protection, Safety, & Environmental Services, Information Technologies, Manager Corporate Continuity & Recovery, Law Enforcers, Manager Situation Awareness, Utility Services, Risk Management Rep. Research Rep, Student & Academic Services, Public Information Rep., Health & Safety Rep., Medical Rep., Facilities Rep., Media Rep., and Health Suppliers.

Reserve your seat at the World Response Conference on Global Outbreak!

For more information, visit or call (425) 996-7102. For registration, download our brochure at