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Keep on Rockin’: Sexuality and Agin

Richmond Hill, Ontario
October 20, 2009

The Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) and the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community (CRNCC) are partnering to mount this groundbreaking symposium.

The main goal of the symposium is to present research evidence and on-the-ground innovative practices around:

  • How older people understand sexuality, intimacy and their relation to quality of life
  • How views about sexuality differ by sex, race, ethnicity, ability, and gender roles
  • The current state of knowledge of care providers surrounding sexuality and aging
  • What health, social and personal care providers (PSWs, care managers, supportive housing providers, LTC facility providers) need to know about sexuality, aging and quality of life
  • What additional education and training are needed for those who provide health, social and personal care, long term care and supportive housing
  • What best practices can be learned from national and international experiences

Our agenda encompasses an international line up of speakers with a variety of interests pertaining to Senior Sexuality including: Merryn Gott (Professor, University of Auckland), Bill Ryan (Adjunct Professor, McGill University), Peggy Brick (Educator, Consortium of Sexuality and Aging and Author), Devan Nambian (Education Coordinator, Rainbow Health Ontario), and more….

More information including on-line registration is available at or