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OHPRS Transition

As many of you know, the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS), is in a state of transition.

During this transition however, all of the listed (former) OHPRS members are continuing to provide their services and support.

September marks the closure of the OHPRS Secretariat, hosted at Health Nexus. Secretariat staff worked diligently over the years to coordinate and support the members. As a result of this cutback, committees and other working groups will be finding other ways to continue as much of their coordination work as is reasonable.

These organizations will continue to meet throughout the year to share important information and coordinate their services.

In May 2009, the Ministry of Health Promotion launched its new Healthy Communities Ontario approach. As a part of this new design, the Ministry of Health Promotion brought together a consortium of several health promotion resource centres to provide support to those working within the new Healthy Communities Ontario approach. The Healthy Communities Consortium consists of five organizations:

  • FOCUS Resource Centre
  • Health Promotion Hub
  • Heart Health Resource Centre
  • OHCC Healthy Communities Support Services,
  • and the Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership

The Consortium will provide the gateway to a comprehensive mix of supports such as training, consultation, print and electronic resources, network building strategies and referrals for local Healthy Communities Partnerships and Healthy Community Fund grant applicants and grant holders. To accomplish this, the Consortium will continue to tap into the engage the products, services, and resources of all members of the (former) OHPRS.

ALL members of the (former) OHPRS will continue to serve their clients groups as before.

We will continue to provide more specific information as we develop new products, services, and systems.

If you have any questions about this transition time, please contact Larry Hershfield at THCU,, or Barb Willet at Health Nexus,, for more information.