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Research at the Cross-section of Community Psychology and Global Climate Change

Toronto, Ontario
October 22, 2009

4:00-5:30 p.m.
University College UC256, University of Toronto

Presented by Environmental Health Justice in the City, A Centre for Urban Health Initiatives Research Interest Group in collaboration with the Collaborative Master’s Program in Community Development at the Cities Centre

The root causes of today’s environmental crisis are linked powerfully with other societal realities, including growing social inequality, loss of community, and neglect and erosion of democratic governance and popular control. Thus, to carry out effective climate change mitigation and adaptation we need to create transformative change that targets these different realities simultaneously. This requires different more complex strategies as compared to those which target one behaviour at a time with traditional psychological and social marketing strategies. Community psychology as an interdisciplinary field has much to offer to develop and study these complex strategies. In this seminar session Dr. Riemer will present his ideas for community-based environmental change which apply community psychology principles. He will illustrate his ideas by presenting some of his current research which includes an evaluation of an environmental organization, the development and analysis of a regional university-community environmental collaboration, the development of a critical consciousness-raising workshop for high school students, and an action research project addressing the vulnerability to climate change of people facing homelessness in urban settings.

Speaker: Dr. Manuel Riemer, Assistant Professor, Community Psychology Program, Wilfrid Laurier University

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