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Online Report Release Event--Building Partnerships for Service Provision to Migrant Sex Workers

Oct 14, 2009

The Wellesley Institute is pleased to release Building Partnerships for Service Provision to Migrant Sex Workers: new research from our enabling grants program.

The study findings pointed to a dramatic increase in the number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry, and in the number of health and social service organizations that either deal with this population or are interested in getting involved. At the same time, the research found that service provision to migrants in the sex trade remains sporadic and fragmented. This report represents the most comprehensive effort to date to assess the situation with migrant sex trade in Toronto. Migrant sex workers are one of the most hard-to-reach, underserved and poorly studied populations. Information provided in this report should be particularly useful to health and social service providers, social work students, and academics. The report also may be of interest to the representatives of the media and the general public.

Please join study author Natalya Timoshkina for an examination of the results of the study, and recommendations for action to better serve this often invisible and precarious population.

You can register on the Wellesley Institute website here: