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Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation--Ontario Region Convenes the It’s About Time Consensus Conference

Toronto, Ontario & Online
October 21, 2009

7:00 p.m.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region is convening the It’s About Time consensus conference to provide an opportunity for the evidence on earlier detection to be more fully considered by relevant stakeholders. Enhancing breast cancer screening to realize new gains in cancer control is a compelling idea whose time has come.

We invite you to attend the public forum of the It’s About Time consensus conference. By following the links and registering to raise your voice you will participate in a discussion that has the potential to help reduce the burden of breast cancer and better ensure that women realize the full potential of breast cancer screening.

Whether you’re linking in from your home computer via our live webcast, as a member of the audience you will be polled on key questions and what you tell us will inform the discussion between researchers and decision-makers at the Scientific Conference that begins on the following day. Together the public forum and scientific conference will lead to action informed by the input and discussions of experts, policymakers and YOU… the people of Ontario.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation believes that (policy and practice) change is a social process, rather than a purely scientific one. Please register to add you voice to the discussion about what change might be need to improve breast cancer screening.

Location (2 options):

  1. Live event at the InterContinental Yorkville Hotel, Willard Room, 220 Bloor Street West
  2. Webcast presentation appearing on a computer near you.

Visit now to sign up--either for the webcast or for a seat at the live event.