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Health Analyst (Public Health), Region of Peel

Brampton, Ontario
Deadline November 5, 2009

File #09-507
Duration: approximately thirteen (13) months
Health Services – Communicable Diseases

Provides accurate and timely health data to support the surveillance of communicable diseases for the purposes of monitoring diseases and providing health information in order to plan evidence-based public health programs. Uses software applications and analytic tools (Access, Excel, iPHIS, CRN, SPSS, Epi-Info) to retrieve, analyze and interpret health-related surveillance data. Provides surveillance data in useful, understandable formats to internal and external clients through standardized routine reports and customized ad hoc reports. Provides administration and quality assurance of reportable disease management systems.

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The position is located in Brampton (Ontario) and it closes on November 5, 2009.