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CHNET-Works! Fireside Chats in November 2009

November 2009

All events are 1:00-2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) unless otherwise noted.

November 13
Climate Change and Water Quality
Advisor on Tap: Margaret Sanborn, Asstistant Clinical Professor McMaster University,
Deptartment of Family Medicine; Member, The International Joint Commission, Health Professionals Task Force

November 19 (*rescheduled from October 13*)
Business Case for Injury Prevention
Advisor on Tap: Gordon Moker, Executive Director, Safe Saskatchewan

November 20
Getting Lost in the Evidence: Part 1: Developing an Evidence Question and Search Strategy
Advisor on Tap: Dayna Albert and Christine Herrera, Towards Evidence-Informed Practice, Ontario Public Health Association

November 24
Public Health Human Resources: There Aren't Enough So Why Isn't Anyone Paying Attention?
Advisor on Tap: Ivy Bourgeault, PhD, RRASP PHIRN, University of Ottawa; Réseau De Recherches D'amélioration De La Santé De La Population; Population Health Improvement Network

November 26
Healthy Communities and Climate Change
Advisors on Tap: Kerri Klein, Provincial Facilitator, BC Healthy Communities; Alice Miro, Communications Coordinator, Smart Growth BC

November 27
Understanding policy implications of built environment research and healthy lifestyle choices Partners: Centre for Urban Health Initiatives, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Advisors on Tap: Wendy Young PhD, Centre for Urban Health Initiatives (CUHI); Paul Gorczynski, PhD candidate, Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto; Stephen Samis, Director, Health Policy at Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

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