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New Resource from EatRight Ontario: Videos on Nutrition Labelling

The EatRight Ontario website ( now has videos! Dietitians of Canada staff at the EatRight Ontario contact centre have worked creatively to make nutrition labeling messages come alive. Take some time to watch our five part series on nutrition labelling.

EatRight Ontario was launched by Dietitians of Canada and the Ministry of Health Promotion to provide you and your clients with easy and reliable access to nutrition information by phone or email. To learn more about what to expect when calling EatRight Ontario, see our Registered Dietitian in action as she takes a call on diabetes: To connect with a Registered Dietitian free of charge, call 1-877-510-510-2 or send an email at

The EatRight Ontario series on nutrition labelling will help you and your clients better understand how to read the information on the nutrition facts table to help make healthier food choices. Some of the topics covered include serving size, calories, key nutrients and % Daily Value. One episode focuses primarily on carbohydrates, which will be especially useful for people with diabetes.

The videos can be found here in our targeted section on diabetes prevention:

All videos are available in English and French. Let your clients know about this new feature and add a link from your website to EatRight Ontario at Coming soon we will also have DVDs available for ordering free of charge. If you’d like to order a DVD or find out more about the videos, contact