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Research Associate, Program Training and Consultation Centre

Toronto, Ontario
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Vacancy: PTCC Research Associate
Reports To: Manager, Program Training and Consultation Centre
Location: Downtown Toronto Subway Location on University Ave
Status: Full-Time Permanent Employment
Quantity: One hire is planned for opportunity at this time

Position Summary:

The Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC) is the lead Ontario provincial tobacco control resource centre responsible for leading the development, implementation and coordination of tobacco control capacity building and knowledge exchange programs and services in support of the Smoke Free Ontario Strategy (SFO). Funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion, PTCC is a partnership of Cancer Care Ontario, the University of Waterloo’s Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, Region of Waterloo Public Health and Sudbury & District Health Unit. PTCC is managed from the Population Health Unit, Department of Prevention & Screening at Cancer Care Ontario.

Our programs are targeted to Ontario tobacco control staff working in local public health agencies, the staff and volunteers of community partner agencies, including community health centres, other NGOs, and family health teams.

PTCC offers a variety of programs and services carefully designed and selected to build the capacity of tobacco control practitioners to deliver effective tobacco control initiatives through:

  • technical assistance, training & resource development
  • knowledge development, exchange and programming to increase the use of research and practice-based evidence
  • media relations training and consultation services through the Media Network
  • referrals to other SFO funded resource centres

Please see our website for more details:

We require a Research Associate to support various knowledge development and exchange activities of PTCC. Current high priority topics for knowledge development and exchange include tobacco cessation programming for young adult blue-collar workers, and policy development for tobacco-free sports and recreation. The position of PTCC Research Associate will include screening relevant literature, conducting literature reviews, supporting qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and supporting the writing of publications and grant applications for these and other priority topics. Other relevant responsibilities are listed below.


The key responsibilities of this position are:

  • Scans peer-reviewed and grey literature on key topics of interest to PTCC and its stakeholders on a regular basis and maintains inventory of articles
  • Prepares literature reviews on key topics of interest
  • Participates in the development of research grant applications (e.g., preparation of literature reviews and budgets)
  • Assists Junior Scientist in the conduct of research (e.g., conducting focus groups and interviews, collecting survey data, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis using SAS and/or SPSS as well as Nvivo 8)
  • Travels to and conducts interviews and focus groups with public health professionals across Ontario, and their community partners and collects other related data
  • Administrative support of research projects such as organizing focus groups, organizing meetings between collaborators, liaising with knowledge-users (e.g. public health professionals) on a regular basis, recording of meeting minutes
  • Helps develop practice-based guidelines to facilitate future implementation of interventions and other practices
  • Organizes, prepares and presents reports to stakeholders; helps prepare research articles for publication in recognized scientific journals


  • A Masters degree or higher in health, behavioural, or social sciences is required, ideally with training in public health or community psychology.
  • Experience working in the areas of public health, community health, or tobacco control
  • At least 1 year of work experience in research settings
  • Experience with preparing literature reviews
  • Experience with conducting interviews and focus groups
  • Experience using NVivo qualitative software to conduct qualitative data analysis
  • Experience with SAS and / or SPSS software to conduct quantitative data analysis
  • Knowledge and experience in knowledge exchange an asset
  • Highly organized
  • Consistently demonstrates appropriate choices and means for communication
  • Recognizes the audience to whom he/she is communicating and addresses it appropriately (e.g. appropriate level of technical language)
  • Ability to speak fluently in both official languages is an asset that would be valued

More About Cancer Care Ontario:

Cancer Care Ontario is an umbrella organization that steers and coordinates Ontario’s cancer services and prevention efforts. As the provincial government’s chief cancer advisor, Cancer Care Ontario directs over $600-million in public health care funding for cancer prevention, detection and care. The agency also operates screening and prevention programs; collects, monitors and reports information about cancer and cancer system performance; develops evidence-based standards and guidelines for health care providers; and works with regional providers to plan and improve cancer services.

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Cancer Care Ontario manages the medical procedures wait times information system for all Ontarians; which can be examined more closely at:

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On Resume Format: If you elect to apply, please prepare a basic text-based version of your resume for pasting into the application box provided for text resumes. Then, near the end of the application process, even after clicking on “Submit, you will be invited to attach up to three separate files to your application. Please make one of these attached files your formatted resume in one of .doc, .rtf, or .pdf formats.