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Evidence-Informed Decision Making Workshop

Hamilton, Ontario
May 10-14, 2010

A one-week intensive course at McMaster University

What is Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM)?

Decisions about practice, program development, and policy making confront those involved with health care on a daily bases. Such decisions may include interpreting diagnostic tests, identifying the harm associated with a particular treatment, understanding the course of a disease in a specific patient, determining the effectiveness of interventions, or establishing the cost and consequences many other clinical decision. The EIDM Workshop focuses on helping participants to engage in decision making that is informed by the purposeful and systematic use of the best available evidence.

  • Advance your skills in critical appraisal of research literature
  • Learn strategies for implementing evidence-informed decisions
  • Small and large group sessions led by faculty at McMaster
  • Tutorial groups for health professionals in advanced practice, library services, oncology and public health, in addition to groups for nursing faculty and other clinical nursing areas.

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