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New Resource from EatRight Ontario: Free DVDs on Nutrition Labelling

The EatRight Ontario series on nutrition labelling will help you and your clients better understand how to read the information on the nutrition facts table to help make healthier food choices. Some of the topics covered include serving size, calories, key nutrients and % Daily Value. One episode focuses primarily on carbohydrates, which will be especially useful for people with diabetes.

The videos can be found here in our targeted section on diabetes prevention:

As a bonus, if you’ve ever wondered about what to expect when calling EatRight Ontario, watch our sample call.

To order your own copy free of charge, please call 1-877-510-510-2 and speak to an EatRight Ontario Registered Dietitian. You can also send an email at Please make sure to include your name, mailing address and how many DVDs you would like to receive (maximum of 10).

Please note that each DVD includes all the videos in both English and French.

Here are some ideas for how you can use the videos in your own practice setting:

  1. Use the DVD in group classes to teach nutrition labelling or to demonstrate how clients can use EatRight Ontario.
  2. Play the DVD at health fairs and other health services events.
  3. Play the DVD in waiting rooms or common areas.

The DVD also includes a promotional booklet that provides more information about our service and examples of our different promotional items with ordering instructions. In addition, with the DVD you will be able to download and save the nutrition labelling videos to your own computer for use on your organization’s website.

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