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RFP--Web-Based Knowledge Exchange in Timiskaming

Timiskaming, Ontario
Deadline March 31, 2010

Project Overview

Develop a bilingual web-based knowledge exchange tool to facilitate sharing, linkages, alignment, and integration of efforts among community partners for sustainable population health promotion in Timiskaming.

Submission Process

An electronic copy of the proposal is due March 31, 2010 (mongeona(at)timiskaminghu(dot)com) by 5:00 p.m., with paper copy to follow.

Request for proposal should be clearly indicated in the subject line. This is an open and competitive process. Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter.

Selection Criteria

Consultant selection will be based on the assessment of four aspects of submission:

  • Product: Appropriateness to our need and environment; including any innovative element in your proposed solution.
  • Project: Quality of you as a consultant, such as: your experience with similar projects; your flexibility pertaining to potential shifts in project scope or timelines; integrity; and your process for developing and carrying out the project in a timely manner.
  • Time & Cost: They must be appropriate and reasonable. The budget for this work is not to exceed $12,500
  • Proposal: Organization, clarity, and brevity. Please do not repeat or paraphrase our RFP. Be brief and to the point.

Proposal Organization

  • Executive Summary: Include an outline of your solution, and time and cost to complete the work. The quoted price should be inclusive of required revisions, graphics and all other items required for the tool’s development.
  • Product: Describe the process to be used in developing the online tool (including consultation with the client), and proposed ideas/features/structure of the online tool, including details related to long-term moderation/management of the tool.
  • Project: Describe your approach, including at least a general narrative work plan outlining resources (yours and ours), phases, timelines, costs, and deliverables.
  • Appendices: In addition to any other appendices you choose to add, include client references and client work samples (demos).

To receive the full RFP document, please contact Amanda Mongeon, Program Evaluator, Email: mongeona(at)timiskaminghu(dot)com, Phone: 705-647-4305 x4222.