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New Resources on the Impact of Tobacco and Second-hand Smoke from the Best Start Resource Centre

The Best Start Resource Centre has developed an educational program in French on the social impact of second-hand smoke on young families. This program discusses challenges posed by second-hand smoke and proposes strategies to protect children and pregnant women from second-hand smoke. It can be used with prenatal and postnatal groups, as well as with other groups of people in contact with young children (i.e., grand-parents).

All the resources can be downloaded and/or ordered from These include

  • A 22 minute DVD. A facilitator guide is included with the DVD.
  • A handout containing information on second-hand and third-hand smoke, which can be distributed to the participants when the video is shown.
  • An evaluation for the participants.
  • A bilingual poster on tobacco and pregnancy.
  • A display which can be borrowed from the Best Start Resource Centre on tobacco and pregnancy.

A limited distribution of the DVD has been done through the francophone Ontario Early Years Centres, the CAPC-CPNP projects and a few additional organizations. Three in-person training sessions have been done and a webinar is planned for May 13th. The production of the English video has been started and the final product should be available in the fall. This program has been financed by Health Canada.